Abba, be with me always and never forsake me

Hope that is seen is not hope, for who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we await it eagerly with patient endurance—–Romans 8:24-25 (Lexham English Bible)

Dearest Abba, Father, You are my hope, O Adonay Yahweh. You have been my confidence ever since You have revealed me Your name. I have depended on You since then. Abba, You have given me both Your promise and Your oath. Since there is not even a shadow of turning in You and it is impossible for You to lie, I will wait patiently for Your promises to become effective in my life. I am confident that I will see my hope being fulfilled in the land of the living for whoever has put his/her trust in You is never disappointed. The hope You have given me is a strong and trustworthy anchor for my life. I have great confidence in the hope Your mighty name kindles in my heart. Father God, fill me with all joy and peace as I trust in You. Help me to stay my mind sharply on You when I face trials. Strengthen my inner being when circumstances look blighted and disconcerting. I pray that You make Your hope to overflow in me by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Abba, I confess my frailty and utter helplessness apart from You. I need you every moment of my life. Make me thrive no matter how bleak my life may seem right now. May I draw from Your fullness grace upon grace to increase in wisdom, compassion, love, equanimity, peace, and calmness in the midst of chaos. Abba, be with me always and never forsake me. Never let me feel lost, helpless, or alone. Allow me to dwell in the shadow of Your presence all the days of my life. Through the grace of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.