Help me become everything I can be according to Your loving thoughts about me

Here’s what I will do: I, the Eternal One, will turn back to Jerusalem with that mercy they’ve missed for years.—-Zechariah 1:16 (The Voice Bible)

Dearest Abba, Yahweh, You are the awesome Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh- I AM WHO I AM. As You have revealed, show me Who You are and What You are by being with me constantly. I want to experience Your tangible presence for real not in abstract or diaphanous. El-Shaddai, God Almighty, Show me the Power of Your Presence in my life for the sake of Your glory and allow me to live on to tell about Your goodness to generations. Help me become everything I can be according to Your loving thoughts about me by strengthening me with Your Holy Spirit presence. Yahweh -Shua, save and deliver me from the bog of mediocrity and stagnation and lead me to opulence spirituality and materially. Hurry, Yahweh, bestow to me the knowledge about You and give me understanding and help me, because the knowledge about You alone can lead me to life and richness. You are my Adhonai, the Owner of my life. I am Your slave. Since I am Your slave nothing or no one else can rule over me. I pray that You don’t sell me over to anything else. Allow me to dwell in Your presence all the days of my life. Yahweh-Yireh, you see all my needs. Please provide for me out of Your compassion and loving-kindness. Yahweh-Ropheka, my Great Physician, heal all my infirmities and deliver me from all the cares and concerns of this world so that I may concentrate on matters of Your Kingdom more diligently. Teach me all the skills and give me extraordinary wisdom to do my job effortlessly and excellently. Give me awesome communication skills for the sake of Your glory. Set me apart from the rest of the people at my job and bless the work of my hands giving me manifold increase. In Jesus’ name. Amen.