Help me bask in the sunshine of Your sweet love

Whoever listens to me will live securely and be free from the fear of danger—–Proverb 1:33

My Most Beloved Master Jesus Christ, You are my Yahweh-Shalom, who keeps me in perfect peace because You have taught my heart to keep its focus on You. Thank You, my Savior Jesus, for redeeming my life and making me Your own. King Jesus, rule over me and remove everything from my being that constrains You. Have free reign over my life. Speak Your living words to my heart. Let Your words to go into the deepest parts of my heart so that it may never get lost again. Engrave Your words on my heart. Brand me with Your love. Help me hear Your voice morning by morning and prepare my heart to listen to Your voice with humility and obey what You instruct me without any hesitation. Speak Your peace over my life so that I may live securely in Your restful tranquility. Help me bask in the sunshine of Your sweet love. Draw me closer to the comforting shadow of Your presence. Thank You, my Rock and Refuge, for being my habitation. I pray that let no evil come on me and no diseases to come near my home. Amen.