Let the beauty of Your holiness be upon me


"Catch the foxes for us,Thelittle foxes that are ruining the vineyards,While our vineyards are in blossom."—-Song of Solomon 2:15 (New American Standard Bible)

Dearest Abba Yahweh, who is like You, majestic in holiness, awesome in praises, working wonders? You are the most Holy God whose eyes are too pure to look at evil. Thank you for sanctifying me with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Thank You for Your loving intimacy with me. You deserve nothing less than utmost reverence from me. Destroy the little foxes in my life which detract from the intimacy with You. Little foxes like lethargy, procrastination, complacent attitude toward the time needed to spend with You meditating on Your word and praying. Rekindle a passion in my heart toward You. Yahweh, You are an impassioned God requiring me to be holy in my words, deeds and thoughts. Banish all impurities from my mind and heart so that I may offer my unadulterated devotion to You at all times. Yahweh, look down from heaven and look at me, from your holy and beautiful habitation. Turn Your ears to my cry for greater intimacy with You. Fight away the devices of the enemy against me with Your zeal and Your might. Please don’t hold back the stirring of Your inner parts and your compassion from me. Instruct me kindly about Your ways and order my steps so that I may share in Your holiness . Let the beauty of Your holiness be upon me from now and forever more. I pray this in the matchless name of Jesus Christ, who is faithful and true and my very real consolation. Amen.