Renew my weary spirit with outpouring of Your Holy Spirit on me



“So brace up your minds, and, as men who know what they are doing, rest the
full weight of your hopes on the grace that will be yours when Jesus Christ
reveals himself. Live as obedient children before God. Don’t let your
character be moulded by the desires of your ignorant days ”

—–1 Peter 1:13 (J.B. Phillips New Testament)

Dearest Abba Yahweh, great are You, Adonai. Marvelous are Your deeds .
Amazing is Your loving-kindness toward me. Thank You, Father, for You are
always gracious and merciful toward me mindful of my frailties. Though I
have always burdened You with my sins and wearied You with my iniquities,
You have blotted out my transgressions for Your own sake. O Father, how
grateful I am for Your patience and kindness toward me. I will not fear
when situations in my life look frightening and mountains before me look
too herculean to overcome because You are always with me and with Your
great compassion You will keep me under the shadow of Your hands. Your
steadfast love will never depart from me. I submit my thoughts, my desires,
my mind, my heart and my body at Your feet. Reign over me and have Your way
in me. Let me be diminished and You be increased in my life. Help my mind
to be focused on You always so that I may not sink in the tumult of this
world. Fill my heart with Your living word. Breathe on me with Your mighty
breath. Renew my weary spirit with outpouring of Your Holy Spirit on me.
Father, I am getting tired of this status quo. Something needs to change.
Remember me, Father and shine Your face upon me and speak to me. Through
the grace of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

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