Help me to earn thy peace

Verse of the Day

My father taught me, “Take my words to heart. Follow my commands, and you will live.”– Proverbs 4:4 (NLT)


Thank You Jesus that You are God’s chosen cornerstone and that You have given me a solid foundation for my beliefs. May I daily build my standards and my goals on what Your trustworthy Word teaches me. Thank You for the assurance from scripture that those who trust You will never be put to shame.

My Lord, may I remember that to protect the character of others is to add virtue to my own. Grant that I may see the good and not be looking for the evil. Cause me to know that peace will not abide in deceit or revenge, but may be found in a happy and charitable spirit. Help me to earn thy peace.

Thank You for bringing me to the right relationship with You so that I might enjoy the peace that only You can give to me each day. May the peace that passes all understanding be my assurance as I share my faith with those who do not know You as their Father and Jesus, Your Son, as their Savior

Our blessed Lord, Thou Who has with Sovereign Grace placed our feet upon “The Rock of our Salvation”, may we be kept in close fellowship -WITH- Thee, this day. Amen

Prayer Quote of the day

Yours will be the wings of an eagle’s flight, the soaring of a lark, sunward, heavenward, Godward! But you must take time to be holy – in meditation, in prayer, and especially in the use of the Bible.

Author: F.B. Meyer

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