Clothe me in Your righteousness

Verse of the Day

I rejoice in Your word like one who discovers a great treasure.– Psalm 119:162 (NLT)


Gracious Lord, YAHWEH-SHALOM, The Lord Our Peace, I pray that I may have reverence for that which is pure and holy, and that my soul may delight in the presence of the good. Help me to trust in your heavenly peace which surpasses all human understandings.

Father, today I give You every frustration, every aggravation, every difficulty. I release total control into Your loving and able hands. Speak to my heart and give me Your peace. Show me Your love as I place my hope in You

Clothe me in Your righteousness, Lord, and make me an example of a new life in Christ. Let me serve You through my actions. Move me onward toward perfection.

Thank You for seeking me out because I was lost in the depth of an ugly and sinful world. Thank You for the salvation You brought to me so that I could become one of Your children.

Lord, thou who art the Water of Life, guide us by Thy Holy Spirit to look for the showers of blessing that our parched and thirsty souls may be refreshed. Amen.

Prayer Quote of the day

Prayer is your way, often the only way, to water the harvest. By prayer you can bring the Holy Spirit’s blessing on any gospel effort anywhere in the world.

Author: Wesley L. Duewel

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